Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Just Another Day

Well just another normal day in my house...... except I started a blog... this could be interesting???

I managed to convince Christian that it was his job to be gentle with his sisters yay :) finally might be getting somewhere with that.

I spent a bit more time on Butterfly - Day, but for some strange reason it is a real struggle to spend time on her???

I feel like my life is one big lonely time alone..... it just revolves around the kids, I am waiting for God to send me a "special" (read male) friend, but it hasn't happened yet... will it ever? I sure pray so, I believe so, but I guess I am just impatient......

Mum went to housesit for Uncle Vin and Auntie Marg today, it is nice to have time away from her but it is even more lonely :(

Megan's doll is doing well on Trademe he is very beautiful :) She is so talented, and she taught herself! I am very proud of my little sis :)

Well I am off to bed now, once again to share it with my 2 year old daughter, sorry for the downer if you read this.


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