Sunday, October 09, 2005

NOoooooo Coooofffffeeee for Me

EVER AGAIN!!!! I should know by now what coffee does to me! But no I thought that I few cups of that yummy Jarah stuff would be fine....NOT!! So I spent most of yesterday wanting to cry, feeling really down and stuck in a book.... or two! I didn't even stitch!!!! So not much news for yesterday except that I read To know her by name and Where the wild rose blooms, both by Lori Wick.

Today was a pretty good day, considering my total melt down of yesterday :) Gabrielle got sent to her room for 5 minutes and was lovely ever after LOL Wade also got sent to his room for his disrespect and a very intense conversation about how he has been acting towards me, his nana and his siblings since his return from Craigs. He spent 10 minutes in his room praying and came out my lovely lad again, apologised and was back to himself for the rest of the evening.

I finished stitching the Xmas tree tonight, well I finished the stitching today and the beading tonight :) It looks great but the pictures don't turn out too well at this time of the night so I will take one in the morning and then post it off to Linda first thing on Monday. I hope that she likes it! I am really nervous......

So I will be back to my rotation tomorrow and stitching on The Scent of Old Roses, 5 and a half hours to go and then I can stitch some xmas ornies for us :)

Thanks Meg for your comment on my tree :)


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