Friday, October 14, 2005

Peace needleroll

This is my peace needleroll from the 2004 JCS Ornaments Mag. I started it in January and just had some beading to do, I do still have to make it up which I will be tackling soon :) It is a total colour change from the original as I had nothing that was needed so just switched it all aroung. The stitching is on a Kiwi Pearl that I bought at the end of '04.

Nicola..... yes beading as I go :) I prefer it, I don't loose my place or miss things out this way... and yes Anne I am impatient too, this way when I am finished I am actually finished. Thanks for stopping by guys :)

We went to the swimming pool today and I was NOT impressed with the staff or their attitude towards my children, we have decided that since it is starting to get warmer now, if it is a nice day after school work is done we will take our lunch down to the beach and the kids can swim there :) Sounds like more fun anyway :)

I have been asked to do some more stitching and I am looking forward to doing that, still on little things/UFO rotation but I have been being lazy as I am not looking forward to the finishing that I have to do, shouldn't take too long though :)

I found a new author, Stephen Bly and I have now read two of his books, I am quite enjoying him :)

Thats it for today....


1 comment:

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

ok more bead stuff - do you use qsnaps? do they damage the beads?

oh and stink to the pool staff, chlorine hurts my eyes and the beach is more fun ;)

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