Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Shopping day!

Well it was grocery day today, so we now have some food to eat LOL

Tarissa was amazing again today and had all her school work completed by 10am!! The boys didn't finish till much later!

I bought some more stitchbows today and some more of the plastic folder inserts to put them into and I spent a little bit of time inserting my DMC's into them, oh to fondle stash LOL

I have all the window done on the freebie, except for the backstitching and also the tree is finished except for the beads, I just have the presents left to stitch :) I was going to put a photo up for you (non-existant haha) people to look at but the batteries on my camera went dead, typical :) So I will charge it up and put one up tomorrow.

Elle woke up and is in my bed again, just one of those days....

I caved in and bought a candlewicking kit off Trade me today :) It was only $10 so I felt that was an okay splurge.... :) I have a few other trades that should arrive soon :) I'll put photos up when they arrive, just so I can extend the thrill of my low budget trades :)

Well I think that is all my news, oh except Mike goes to Israel Thursday week for about a week I think.....


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