Monday, October 17, 2005

Today my

Fabric arrived from Countrystitch I got a fat quarter of 32 count Belfast. It is a custom dye called Ocean Sparkles, I am going to stitch Mermaids of the Deep Blue on this for Megan who makes me lovely dolls (Annais on this page is one she made for me) I also received 2 Kiwi Pearls, 1 is greenish with peach on it and one is greenish. I am going to use these pieces along with the piece that I have left from my Needleroll to stitch the Voluptuous Mermaids on (Jill Oxtens Cross Stitch and Beading Mag) and I must admit to being really bad and making a new slot and starting the Green Mermaid tonight :)))

I have also done some work on charting the other Christmas design for Linda, so I am just waiting to see what she thinks of that :)

Christian and Gabrielle are still not feeling the best but they seemed a bit happier today than yesterday. Tomorrow we have Fun Day at the Bay with the home schoolers group after lunch so that gives us something to look forward to. I also want to talk to some other homeschoolers about other teaching options as I am not sure that ACE is for us, it is just so expensive and it takes so long for the kids to do when they know of other homeschoolers that are more hands on learning. My biggest worry with this style of learning is that I don't want them to "fail" because I have not prepared them well enough.....

I talked to Uncle Vin about the way that Uncle Danny was going about the kids pamphlet job and he said he will sort it out, so I am very glad about that... I was getting a bit concerned....

Thats it for tonight :)


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