Saturday, November 19, 2005

What a great day of stitching!!!

The Scent of Old Roses @ 80 hours

I finished my 10 hour round on her last night and then since I was still enjoying her I put the beads in as well :) I have found the perfect way to work! I am still going to have a list of projects and I will still go through them in order, but if after my 10 hours I am still enjoying what I am stitching on I will continue to work on it. :)) I feel very happy to have finally figured myself out LOL

I had forgotten yesterday morning that it was Dawn's turn to have my kids for the afternoon and what a great afternoon it was too! I really really needed it!

I watched (or is that listened to LOL) two movies last night. Carolina which was really good and Batman begins which was pretty slack..... but it was something to listen to while stitching :)

I haven't heard from Linda about Santa's Woes and I am getting really worried that she may not like it *cringe* hopefully I hear from her soon!

I have an appointment on Monday morning with a lady from Housing NZ with the possibility of having a house pretty quickly, so fingers crossed that that will go well!

Things are selling quite well on Trade Me so things are looking up :)



AnneS said...

My fingers and toes are crossed for you for your housing news next week :)) Glad to hear you're feeling perky at the moment, and you've found a stitching regime that's working out well. I have to admit, I'd never tried a '10-hour' rotation until a few weeks ago, and I really love it! I tried a daily/weekly one, and it just didn't work because of my shift hours ... I love the 10-hour one - and I'm even enjoying the Dratted Dolphins more by doing it this way. Why didn't we figure this out years ago? LOL.

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

Good luck with HNZ - hope they have the perfect place for you!

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