Thursday, December 22, 2005

Getting there :)

Today Mum and I got half the curtains up in the lounge, the curtains up in Tarissas room and the nets up in the dining room. Previously we got the curtains up in the boys room :) So we just have Mums room, mine and Elle's room and the rest in the lounge. I also got a whole lot of boxes sorted out for Lit'le Bits, so that is a few less things to organize :)

I don't know where I was up to in my rotation so I just started at the beginning on Mums Celtic Noel. I have stitched another 5 hours on it already. It is so easy and lovely to stitch! Looks great too! :)

I forgot to say that the fabric that I got from Linda is for Watergarden. I can't wait to start that :)

Hi :) Jo Its nice to meet another Kermit LOL I like your interesting Christmas decorations! Love your Joy tree, which issue was that in? Your stitching is beautiful :)

Thats it from me today, off to get dinner :)


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