Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm so bad at this

blogging thing! I haven't posted properly for awhile. I am about 3/4 of the way through stitching the Peace Tree by Mdesigns from the 2004 JCS ornie mag (I so want to get more of these!) I am stitching this for Isabelle, hopefully I will have it finished in time as I am not sure about the finishing and with the move and everything..... anyway.... it looks really good. I am stitching it on the rest of the pearl from the green mermaid and I am stitching it in a multi coloured red from DMC (It was the best that I had) I really like it and I would like to do it for myself in a couple of different colours, we'll see..... maybe for next year LOL

Anne I think that you are right about Waiting for Ships. Linda has a pearl at the moment that is kind of a splotchy green, the splotches are a lighter colour, when I put it in the fabric viewer it looked great, but it is a small piece, I might have to talk to her about dyeing me a bigger piece for it *grin*

Nic are you alright? I haven't heard from you for quite awhile and there is no new posts in your blog.....

We are getting all set up ready for the move. Kind of excited and kind of not........ trying to fit all our junk into another house.... all the shop stuff and us and Mum and her house stuff that she still has.... oh well its an exceuse to get rid of more stuff :)

The kids are glad to have started their holidays, lucky things!!

I am still waiting on the homeschooling allowance to be paid out..... soon hopefully :)

Dinner went really well the other night with Mike..... don't know if he likes me or not..... maybe my loud children scared him away?! Oh well LOL Maybe I scared him away :) Wait and see if I hear from him again or if he talks to me at church :)



AnneS said...

Well, I for one, have my fingers crossed that Mike will return ;) LOL. Hope the move goes smoothly for you - my move was bad enough, and I left most of my stuff in my parents garage, and STILL have too much stuff here in Oz now ... I swear the stuff breeds while you're not looking!! As you say, though, it's a good time to clear out unnecessary things while you're packing everything up :) Fingers crossed Linda will be able to dye you a bigger piece of fabbie for Waiting for Ships :)

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

here I am :) work/life/family all a bit manic lately - must be Christmas!! Yes my last name starts with C :) Good to hear that you got a house - and a man friend!!!

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