Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh NOooooooo!!

Gabrielle spilt my cup of tea today on my nearly half finished (100+ hours) Butterfly day!!! I was freaking out but quickly washed it and it is now drying and appears to be fine.

So I have moved onto Mermaids of the Deep Blue since I can't finish my slot at the moment :) (oh what a hardship LOL)

Have I told you we have a house? Can't remember, I have been so slack lately! Well we do anyway :) It is nice and is in a nice area and is just a street over from my Auntie and Uncles place :)

On another up note :)))))) He talked to me!!! Lots too!! I am so happy :)))) LOL I guess I kind of feel like... I come as a very big package deal (4 kids) so who would be interested ?!!!

Countrystitch has a whole heap more gorgeous pearls up but...... you guessed it.... I'm broke :)

I LOVE Mirabilia's newest design :) What do you all think of it?

Nic...does your last name start with a C so that I can e-mail you?

Take Care everyone!!


1 comment:

AnneS said...

I'm so happy to read you've found a house - and it sounds just about perfect!! YAY!!!!!! Also, I wanna know more about this mystery man ... ;) haha. And thanks heaps for the Jill Oxton's details - I'll hunt it out and order it (my one transgression off the wagon teehee).

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