Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today I stitched

for about an hour on Mermaids of the Deep Blue :) Last time I stitched on them I stopped at not quite 40 hours so I only had a couple to go before posting my progress picture :) But I am still working on them. 2 hours just isn't enough.... or was it 3?! LOL

I also sorted out with WINZ for going into the Housing NZ house so I don't have to worry about that anymore, I also talked to my lovely case worker about Wade's braces and financial help for that and she has given me some great things to do :) She is soooo nice!! I need to stitch her an ornie or something, maybe I will have to dig out my only xmas ornie mag (2004 JCS) and see if there is something in there that won't take me too long :) hmmmmm..................

Butterfly - Day seems to have made it through its tea ordeal fine (phew!!) so I will finish my slot on that when I have worked on Mermaids of the Deep Blue till my hearts content.

I still haven't decided what to do about Waiting for Ships..... should she stay or should she go? I really don't like her on this fabbie, but do I want to unpick it all and start over again? It remains to be seen.... picture on the side if you have a comment :) Maybe I should ask Linda if she could do a custom for her? decisions, decisions, decisions :)

I also worked out how to put a doll on my signature on the ez boards :) Now I just want to post so I can see it all the time :) LOL@ME!!

I have also found a whole lot more patterns that I want :) Some from Stony Creek and I like the look of patterns I have seen on someone elses blog from Jeanette Douglas but the pictures on Websites aren't very clear, I am sure that they would sell more if the pictures were better!!

Can you tell that I have had a really lazy blobby day?!!! :)


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AnneS said...

Mermaids are looking beautiful :) As for Waiting for Ships - do you think it'll look different when you get the tail colours stitched on it?? Once some of the blues and greens are on it, it might lift it a bit? I have to admit, I stitched mine on the fabric (olive green?) that she suggested - I'm not a huge fan of the fabric colour, but it really does show up the colours beautifully! I tried a couple of the plain Belfast linens in the LNS at the time, 'cos I wanted blues - what a surprise for me! - and we all agreed that the green showed the colours up best. Actually she's up on my wall here - on my one and only picture hook ;) Do you manage to move into the new house before Christmas? Glad to hear the tea stain came out OK - I would have been crying for you if it hadn't ... all that work! Maybe that's an incentive to her her finished ;) LOL. This coming from me who's got oodles of projects on the go, and just joined a new Bulletin Board with so many more projects calling out to me to join up too ... oh well, they say variety is the spice of life! ;)

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