Friday, January 20, 2006

I got home to this lovely package

from Linda, its my rainbow club :) I thought I would get little pieces so that I would be able to stitch xmas ornaments. I also asked her to include a couple of hand dyed threads in my rainbow club.

I got..... Kiwi Patches - Eden, which is beautiful!, Kiwi Illusions - Haystack, GAST - Peacock and Purple Mountain Majesty :)

Linda also put in this pattern by Lizzie Kate - Tiny Tidings VII (isn't she a sweetie?!!)

I'm soooooo happy!

Rainbow Club


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AnneS said...

Great stash haul from Linda - she's really got the best customer service of just about anyone I've ever dealt with! Your fabrics look gorgeous! :) I've been missing reading your posts - haven't been keeping up-to-date with blogging, and today I had 288 unread posts yikes!! Hopefully when Mum goes home I'll get back into my routine again ... Rightio, off to the next post to read ... LOL.

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