Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Rose of Sharon

is driving me bonkers!! LOL I have 45 minutes left to go to finish my slot, and then I can move on.... but I must admit to having put her aside tonight.... I will finish her slot tomorrow afternoon. The light isn't that great in here I will have to organise a lamp or something, and with the gradual colour changes I have nothing much to say Here I AM without counting every flippen time! I also need to photocopy the pattern for next time, then I can scribble all over it :) Will post a pic after I finish my 10 hours :)

I put a few stitches into Scent of Old Roses tonight instead :) I still love her!!! Hopefully I will finish her this round or if not then next time *fingers crossed* I am toying with the idea of just stitching her until she is done :)

Just been talking to Linda and as part of my payment she is sending me Passione Riccamos Winter Beauty Princess!!!! I love that pattern!!! Can't wait to get my fingers on it and drool :)

I am feeling physically better now, although having Charlie here is really starting to wear me down! I have a week to go, unless her Mum recovers quicker and she goes early *fingers crossed* again :)

I am really missing Mike! Can't believe that I can miss someone this much, this quickly! Only 2 days and he will be home :-) yay

Well that is it from me :)

Talk to you all soon


1 comment:

AnneS said...

I agree with you - Linda really is the nicest person to deal with ... I now send for pretty much all my fabric orders to her rather than buying locally if I can - I'd rather support someone who treats her customers well, rather than someone else.

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