Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Well here she is again

after 110 hours. I couldn't keep going... must be the fear of finishing... either that or I have a short attention span LOL But I am going to work on something else and then come back to her in the next slot.

Mike is lovely he is coming to visit most evenings and last night he bought around all the things to give my car an oil change, he drove it the other day and said he couldn't live with seeing how many k's past a service it was... LOL doesn't worry me, but then I'm not a car person. I just drive it LOL

I am going to miss him so much when he goes to Australia, but I will just have to wait :(

Not sure which I should work on next... I have Butterfly - day, Celtic Noel, Mermaids of the Deep Blue or else my other new start which was going to be Spring Queen but will now be Winter Beauty Princess... what do you guys think? I will start Spring Queen when Scent of Old Roses is finished :)

Hope you are all well in blogging land. Anne are you alright after your horrid phone call?! That was not ver' nice!


1 comment:

AnneS said...

Scent of Old Roses looks like she's soooo close to being finished - way to go! As for what to stitch next ... whatever makes you feel good when you pick it up ;) Thanks for the concern about my phone call ... he's still got me rattled this morning, so I'm catcing up on a couple of blogs to take my mind off it before I start prepping for my interview ... and I noticed your blog had updated, so here I am :)) Sorry to hear Mike will be heading over here soon ... tell him if he doesn't keep in touch with you while he's away, I'll fly to wherever he is and slap him personally! ;P

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