Friday, March 24, 2006

After 20 hours

Here she is again :)

She is growing so fast..... must be the lack of beads??

Christian has his sleep over tonight for his birthday, last one of the kids until September! YAY!

Mike is coming home in September now! YAY!! Maybe it can come forward a bit more?! LOL I can't wait to see him again!

I have discovered a new ez board it is if you like Passione Ricamo. I love her designs... I want all the fairies and any more princesses that come out :) The new release coming soon The Night... looks intruiging :) I am starting Winter Beauty Princess soon..... maybe I will put the teacher down for awhile no that I am feeling so much better and move back to my rotation... I really should!

Bye for now :)


1 comment:

StitchCat said...

September will fly. Passione Ricamo are beautiful designs. There are a few I wouldnt mind having. Better go check out that ezboard forum.

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