Thursday, March 30, 2006


I HATE being sick! I have had a headache and general achiness for the last 2 days... can still function but I'm sooooo tired!

I couldn't even concentrate on stitching...... instead I have been doing something I have been putting off for ages... unpicking projects so I can reuse the fabric.... I had a couple that I didn't end up finishing....... fairy moon, cause the fabric was too small, and waiting for ships.... cause I wanted to do it on a different colour......... I can't believe how many hours I have now spent unpicking :)

Does anyone know if it is possible to get rid of the stitching marks? Maybe washing the fabric? They are both hand dyeds from Countrystitch.......

Guess What?!! I got the job!! Went back today for a second interview (feeling crap) and got it!!! I start tomorrow!!!! YAY! That will make life more interesting.

And what would a post be without mention of Mike?! LOL He is good..... He loves me :)

Thanks everyone for your comments :)



StitchCat said...

Congratulations on getting the job Andie...hope you are feeling well when you start tomorrow. After going through the dreaded UFO box, I found a few (a little more than a few actually) ex-projects that I decided to unpick and reuse the fabric. I have unpicked was a linen that had dark threads used on it and the other was a light coloured evenweave with red thread used. I handwashed both and all the little thread fibers have gone. Cant even tell they have already been used. That was how I spent my day with the kids at home...another teacher only day at school!!! Have a good sleep tonight :)

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

hope you feel better soon - at least the job panned out! Which supermarket is it? the green one or the yellow one?

AnneS said...

Andie, that's awesome news for you about getting the job! Way to go, my friend!! Woohoo, 2006 is really coming up roses for you huh? :D

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