Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Mike left for Perth yesterday :( I took him to the airport in Christchurch (a 2 hour drive) I coped really well until he disappeared up the stairs to the waiting lounge :( Now all I wanna do is cry. Which doesn't work that well with 4 kids.

I only have a little beading left to do on The Scent of Old Roses on her sleeve and then I will be done..... hopefully I will feel a bit joyful at least when I put in that final bead... if only for the relief that the beading is done!

Sorry for such a bummer of a post I feel like I have no where else to write this :(

Hope you are all well!


1 comment:

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

I'm sorry he's gone :( hopefully the year will fly by. Hey you could have come for coffee!! Next time you come up let me know ok?

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