Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hi everyone

sorry for the lack of a post... I had good intentions, as you can probably tell from the picture below with a lack of any info LOL

I am sick.... I have the flu and feel miserable.... and I am a LOT better than yesterday.... I think my immunity was a bit low with the combination of no sleep after work on Wednesday night cause Elle had an ear infection flare up in the night and then the long work time of fri/sat.

I had a good day today... I didn't make the dawn parade like I normally would, but thought of our veterans often... of which my dad is one.

Mike didn't end up working as it was raining so we went to visit his Nana and his sister Paula and her hubby and kids.

Wade returned home today and it is really nice to have him home again :)

As you can see below is a picture of Butterfly - Day at 110 hours. I got quite a bit of time on her but it is now time to move on. We got our scissor fob exchange info today, so I will be chucking the rotation till after we have completed those, I have never stitched a fob before, so have no idea how long it will take me to complete with my lack of stitching hours these days.

This will be my first exchange so I am a bit nervous as well as anticipating it :)


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StitchCat said...

LOL and you have probably got the worst person to send to :) Hope you feel better soon.

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