Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OH NO!!!!!

I just pulled out everything for Winter Beauty Princess.... and my fabric isn't big enough!!! Waaaahhhhhhhhh........................................ It only leaves me about 1 inch on the sides..... as soon as I opened up the pattern and looked at the stitch count I thought........ oops.... so counted it up to see if I could stretch it out, but 1 inch just isn't enough space............ so I'm goona have to fix my rotation.... hmmmmmm what can I change it to????

It won't be a hardship to find something else to do on this fabric though, its so beautiful :)

Maybe a should start a Chatelaine slot and start on Watergarden instead? I have everything ready for it now that Linda was such a sweetie and gave me the fabbie for it :)

Have any of you stitched a Chatelaine?? Do you start from the centre for these or a top edge????

Yes I think I'll get onto Watergarden.... gosh that was easy to change my mind wasn't it LOL



~*~Nicola~*~ said...

you are soooooooooo easy LOL

AnneS said...

Are you sure you didn't have the fabric size wrong on purpose? LOL. I have to admit to starting my Egyptian Garden Mandala in the centre, only 'cos I don't trust my counting! I've seen them stitched every which way - but I have to admit, I'd probably start in the centre each time ... knowing me, I'd end up running out of room somewhere, and a Chatelaine is definitely not something you want to stuff up ... Can't wait to see your Watergarden started up - that was the first Chatelaine I ever fell in love with ... in fact now it's available in chart form it's back on my wishlist again - along with about a dozen others LOL.

StitchCat said...

Ooohhh Watergarden, thats my favourite...you lucky thing :)

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