Monday, April 03, 2006

Picture below of Spring Queen

at 10 hours.... not much to see I guess but I am quite happy with it :)

Tomorrow I move onto L&L, not sure which I am going to work on but probably Celtic Noel for Mum, then I will stop getting hints about it.... maybe LOL

The big news for me..... Mike is coming home..... on Wednesday night!!!! He was going to surprise me but I was asking him questions.... I must admit to being suspicious, and he was finding it hard to answer without lying to me so told me :))) I can't wait, he gets home about an hour before I finish work so that last hour is gonna drag isn't it!

Bye for now :)



StitchCat said...

Woohoo you go girl. Men these days always have hidden plans LOL. The stitching looks great by the way.

AnneS said...

Your SQ is looking great already :) And what GREAT news Mike is coming home already ... I guess the stitching posts will be less frequent again ;P haha. Seriously, though, I'm really happy for you chickadee! :D

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