Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Below is my

pathetic amount of stitching!!! How bad is that?!!! LOL It is my red conversion of The Fat Mermaids :) It looks better in real life.......

The other is a pattern that I got from Lisa in exchange for the Scent of Old Roses pattern. Lisa also sent me a fat quarter of Silkweaver 28 count Ocean which is really beautiful and a 9x12 cut of Golden Turret, not sure who made it but it is lovely too! Talk about spoilt!!

Mike and I had out engagement party on Saturday night, which was a lot of fun and really relaxing, we just had everyone bring a plate, and then hung out talking and eating :)

We have started looking at houses which is lots of fun, we might have found one that we like already :) Mike decided to sell his so that we could but one together that was "ours" and not "his" isn't he a sweetie?!! LOL I love him very much :))))))))

Well thats it from me :)


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