Thursday, May 25, 2006

Changing my rotation........AGAIN!!


I am going to change my rotation back to 10 hours on a project and rotate through them :) Although it might take awhile at the rate that I am stitching at the moment, at least I will see some progress!

So this is the order I am going to stitch in:

Rose of Sharon
Celtic Noel
Waiting for Ships
The Teacher
Spring Queen
Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Xmas Ornies
Fat Mermaids
Butterfly - Day

That should get something happening with my stitching, oh so many projects and so little time :)

I have also fallen in love with this project, above, Wedding Sampler by Moira Blackburn. It was talked about on TGOS yahoo group. WOW!!

Well thats it from me :)



Crazee4books said...

Thanks for your response to my inquiry re: Scent of Olde Roses.
I admired yours so much and yours turned out so beautifully that when I saw the chart in the store I had to grab it. I've never done beading so that will be a learning experience.
Hope you are enjoying your house hunting. I'm so happy for you and Mike. Congratulations. Cheers Judy

AnneS said...

Your rotation sounds great - I love doing a 10 hour rotation (when I'm actually managing to stitch in a rotation LOL). BTW, would you mind dropping me your snail mail addy in an email ( ... I have a Tacky Bob for you from my latest SB&B back order as a little gift :D I figure seeing as you do a number of big projects that use beads, you might find one useful (I love mine that Carol bought me) :) Sorry I couldn't make it to the south island this visit - would definitely love to meet you if I can get down there next time :D {hugs}

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