Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My children

are lovely :) And so is my Mum :)

I had a lovely mothers day, my children all gave me a little present, and a card that they had made themselves which was really special! Talk about feel loved! Mike also gave me a gift, a silver bracelet and some soap and a lovely card :)

I am having a bit of a down day today, isn't it funny how you have a super lovely day or two......... followed by a crap one?! I don't think anything is wrong with me........ other than I just feel low.... silly really!

Yesterday I started another fat mermaid, this one is a red one that I have converted. I am doing her on a Kiwi Pearl from Countrystitch and she is looking fab so far! I will post a picture when there is a bit more to see :) My rotation has gone out the window again..... I just don't get much stitching time anymore.... suxs! LOL

I also spent a little time recently on my Peace Tree which just has some more beads to add and then the finishing

Tarissa has joined Wade's soccer team and is really excited......... she is really into it too :)

Work is going well, although I really hate working Saturdays! I miss so much with my kids.... and I hate starting at 7am after finishing the night before at 9pm. Not much I can do about it....... except hope that someone want to change a weekday with me........ that would be lovely! :)

I am going to be getting a bit extra work in a week or so for 6 weeks, the boss needs an operation and so will be away, and one of the other bakers has resigned, so they need extra staff on.... it will be good for the bank account anyway!

I started paying for the fabric for my wedding dress today, so that is a good start anyway....... even if it feels like nothing else in my finances is working! Hopefully soon it will all sort itself out!

Hope that everyone is well!


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Crazee4books said...

Hi Andie, I'm a regular reader of you blog, though this is my first time commenting. I wanted to ask you about "Scent of Old Roses" which you finished not too long ago. It inspired me to pick up the materials to do it myself. I have not done such a complicated piece before. I was wondering..any words of wisdom that you can give me regarding this piece would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Judy

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