Thursday, June 22, 2006

Just a really

quick post :) I got heaps of stitching done on the Rose of Sharon today!! 1 more hour and I will take a photo!! So there should be one up tomorrow, I really enjoyed being able to be lazy today and just stitch, I haven't done it for ages and I really needed it! For some weird reason, stitching is my therapy.......... so in theory........ hmmmmmmmm shouldn't I be allowed to spend a few $$$ on supplies?! LOL

*hugs* to all

Nic How are you? Hope you are okay?! Hows your poor neglected blog? LOL

Anne I am really looking forward to the tacky bob! Can't wait, it will be like Christmas :) Will let you know when it arrives

Carol The snow stayed thick for about 3 or 4 days, now my side of the street is clear but the other side still has quite a bit

Maggie Hope things are okay for you, will e-mail you soon!

Kerry Your defender of the Kingsom looks great! I am really keen on getting The Storykeeper, how many stitches is it? Do I really want to know? LOL


1 comment:

StitchCat said...

Im good thanks Andie...I love taking photos of people who dont want to have their photos taken :)

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