Thursday, July 27, 2006

6 days!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! I love ABC Stitch therapy!! It took them 6 DAYS!!!! My order arrived this morning :D I have done a floss toss for Angel of the Sea on Countrystitch Kiwi Illusions Southern Sky and it looks great so that is what I will be going will. I also got the treasures, big beads and a couple of krenicks that I needed for Mermaids of the Deep Blue.... I have pulled this out early and I am enjoying stitching on them again :) Man they have a ton of beads though!!

I use invisible thread..... just wondering how the rest of you manage to do your beading "in outer space" do you use coloured thread? It is so hard to see this stuff to set them right, great when you have threads around to follow though :)

I took Elle to the doctor today.... nasty cough, runny nose, wheezing a bit and a mucky eye....... fun.......NOT, poor little thing she is a mess!

Well thats it... going back to stitching while the sicko is still asleep and not grumping at me :)



~*~Nicola~*~ said...

I have an idea - move to Christchurch and we can stitch while our sick daughters watch numerous DVD's together! LOL

Katrina said...

Hi Andie, email me your postal address and I'll send the bag pattern to you:

Look forward to seeing Angel of the Sea when you start it, this has been a favourite L&L of mine for a long time.

I use Nymo thread for all the beading on my projects, the white/invisable one. Makes beading a lot quicker as you can use it with any colour bead.

Carol said...

Great news about ABC Stitch Therapy! They are one hour away from me (slightly less), but my last order took 8 days in the post to get to me! I would say you are very lucky - and Marie, the owner, would be thrilled to hear how happy you are :-) She, by the way, is a Kiwi :-)

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