Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I do not

like the new way of uploading photos to Webshots.......... might have to change my storage place!

Anyway....... LOL here is my latest progress on Rose of Sharon after 30 hours :)

I was looking at the HAED site the other day..... I had two patterns in my cart, Eternal Promise - Matt Stewart and The Storykeeper - Selina Fenech......... but I was really good and didn't actually buy them :( Realistically I have enough patterns to keep me going and I can't really justify the expense at this time........ oh well, that will give Kim time to move on with them so that I can see more what they look like :)

It is great with Tarissa and Christian away..... horrid to say I know but they are the hardest two of my children and the other two are so easy in comparrison..... :-/ they sound like they are having a great time anyway.......... by the time they come back I should be missing them.......

If you want to sign the save the whale campaign petition then please go to http://www.whalesrevenge.com/ I am sure the whales will appreciate it!!

Moving back to Celtic Noel now, hoping to get it finished really soon! I would really like to get onto The Teacher again, and I really need to move along with Butterfly- Day...... then there is all the projects I want to stitch for myself........LOL

Well thats it from me :)



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Carol said...

Rose of Sharon looks wonderful! I just finally got my fabric in for that one today - now I need to create time to stitch her :-)

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