Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I have been over at

Kerrys' blog and from there went to her website Character Creations and Oh my goodness! I found heaps that I want to stitch over there..... Elf Princess, gypsy Moth Fairy, earth and moon, ganymede, jupiter abstract and light echo, just to name a few :)

I also have been reading Nickis' blog and from there started looking at quilting places....... I have always loved the idea of quilting, just don't have the know how, and since looking at these block of the month quilts I can see that it would be possible to learn with them....... does anyone else do this? Do you think that I could learn with a block of the month quilt? I have tried to teach myself from a book, but still wasn't too sure if it was right...... then the nasty library wanted their book back (LOL just joking, they are lovely!)



StitchCat said...

I taught myself from a book Andie...its not that difficult to learn the basics :)

AnneS said...

I joined up with a BOTM quilt, and was really disappointed that you just received the pattern and the fabrics every month - no real instructions, especially for a beginner, so my quilt is still all in its packets. Since then I've bought a quilting book, and hope to make a start either this year or next. Then again, if you're used to sewing, you would be fine anyway (I'm a bit dopey where that's concerned!). Good luck with it if you decide to give it a go :D

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