Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Its sooooo true

that spending money makes you feel really good! LOL

Today I paid off and picked up my fabric for my wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses. Yay!! Also the shop had a 20% off wedding fabrics this week so I got 20% off my remaining total :) So I spent it LOL Nothing huge..... I bought 2 packets of stitchbows, and 2 sleeves to put them into, a packet of Mill Hills that I was needing and 2 fat quarters of fabric for sewing something.... they are pretty loud but the really appealed....

In the mail today came my piece of Southern Sky from Countrystitch and it is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!! I am thinking of Angel of the Sea for it but it may not be right.... will do a floss toss closser to the time :)

I have pictures but my batteries went flat just as I was going to upload them so will add them later :)

Also in the mail was Craigs part of the divorce papers..... I was starting to get worried about them and he wasn't in any hurry........ but I know him well and didn't say anything cause then they would have taken longer........... so soon I can go and lodge those YAY!

I also got a phone call today about Wade's eyesight to say that he was eligivle for the SOS (Save our Sight) program and would get his eye examination and his glasses for free!!!

Talk about a great day!! :))))

*hugs to all*


1 comment:

StitchCat said...

Great news about Wade...certainly makes things easier for you :)

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