Monday, July 31, 2006

Mermaids of the Deep

Blue dilemma......... :)

Here are my beautiful girls..... well half a girl I guess :) I don't know why but my pictures all turned the fabric out a washed out bluey grey when it is really a beautiful blue......?

Anyway....... oops..... I finished one of my August projects and it is still July?? So do I mark it off as done....... or pick something else to do for that slot instead?

I have to add in instead....

Waiting for Ships - Mira
Spring Queen - Mira
Watergarden - Chatelaine
The Teacher - L&L
Butterfly - Day - Maria Von Scharenburg

or to start

Mothers Arms - Mira
Celtic noel - blue conversion - L&L

So if you have an opinion........ please share :) I would love to hear them!



zoeandcooper said...

I am a bit biased toward Butterfly Day. I'd love to watch your progress as I work on the complementary piece:)

~*~Nicola~*~ said...

my opinion?? daughter entirely too cute - please give a dose of brat and see me in the morning LOL

Add the Chatelaine - they're pretty :)

AnneS said...

OK, if you're wanting suggestions, I'd suggest either Butterfly or Watergarden ... that way you will have a break between all the other Mirabilia's or L&L's :) Just my 2c worth ... ;)

AnneS said...

Could have sworn I commented on this before ... I think my brain's finally melted into oblivion!!! I personally think you should go for Watergarden or Butterfly, just to give you a break from the other Mirabilia's and L&L you're already stitching ... just my 2c worth ;) Can't wait to see your blue conversion of Celtic Noel, though ... might be tempted to copy you! :D

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