Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Angel of the Sea

Here is my first progress picture of Angel of the Sea :) I love the colours in this..... In fact I love all my WIPs LOL I am sure that I will love them even more when they are finished! LOL

I have committed to stitching a piece for my cousins daughters 11th birthday, this is something that I want to do for all my nieces and my cousin and I are pretty close, and Stephanie and Tarissa are very good friends. She has chosen Celtic Summer so that will be my next obligation piece that I will start. I will have to look into finding a conversion for the needlepaints as I won't be using them..... surely someone will know :)

I hurt my hand at work last week so I have been pretty slow with a lot of things..... including stitching, but especially knitting, I started on a pair of baby booties, easy to do, a quick finish and useful too :) I know so many people having babies and I want to get a stock up of them so that I can give a little gift.... I always used to do this before I had children of my own so I want to implement that again..... so if you see photos of baby booties.... doesn't mean I'm expecting LOL




zoeandcooper said...

Great start. She is pretty isn't she!

Kathy said...

Wow your Mermaids are looking fab so far Andie. Love your other stitching too.

Hugs xxxxxx

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