Thursday, August 31, 2006

September goals

Well I found that stitching for 10 hours on a project and then moving on left me with a whole lot of knitting at the end of the month so I have decided to set the stitching week by week, hopefully this will sort it out :)

I did get 6 hours stitching in on Watergarden as well, since my Mermaids were done at the end of July (man this month has gone fast!) I might get another hour or two in today.... will just have to wait and see :)




1st - 7th Butterfly - Day
8th - 14th Rose of Sharon
15th - 21st Celtic Noel
22nd - 28th The Teacher
29th - 30th Generosity or Red Fat Mermaid


Finish back of Tarissa's Cardy
Knit a pair of booties
Start a sock


First quilt block if it arrives...?


Why Me? Jacob Damkani - non-fiction
Serpent - Clive Cussler - fiction


Scent of Old Roses
Wades Eagle

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