Thursday, October 19, 2006

Back again :)

I have also been tagged by Maggie - stitchcats threadgarden

I have to say 5 things that are weird about myself or my pets....... ummmmmm? LOL

1. I have a warped sense of humor and find some very strange things funny
2. My 2nd toe is bigger than my big toe.......
3. My house is usually a mess, cause I prefer to be stitching
4. I hate brushing my teeth (I do it though) Now I don't know why I just do
5. I have 4 children and would love some more.... maybe 3 more?!

So now I have to tag 5 of my friends who have blogs...hopefully they havent been tagged already...I have read their blogs and havent seen any tagging :) So I will choose Rava Nic Leslie (again sorry) Kathy and Kerry (again also sorry)

All feel free to ignore this if you want :)



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