Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So tired

It feels like I'm on a merry go round, but its not much fun!

Gabrielle has had a tummy bug (ewwww) and between work, wedding plans, kids, and swimming (I am now swimming 5 mornings a week) I feel stuffed. Mike picked me up from work tonight, so we got to spend a little time together this evening. He has been packing up his house in preparation for moving out so the new owners can move in!

Mike will be staying with his sister for the few remaining weeks until our wedding....... BUT half his stuff is here and I have no where to put it, my house looks like something exploded in it and it makes me a bit down.....

In brighter news......... I made a new blogging friend Needle Caboodle her blog is really new but it is sure to have lots of interesting stuff :) Hi Noreen!

Also Mum pointed out to me that the right hand side of the arch for Rose of Sharon doesn't have roses twined down it, that is a relief as I was panicking about getting it done in time :)

*hugs* to everyone, hope you are all well!



J said...

Huggles, Andie. Hang it there. Take it one step at a time, and set Mike to work putting stuff away. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andie - take it easy and just breathe {{{hugs}}}

Hope Gabrielle is feeling much better too!

sugardoll said...


For goodness sake you did not have to publish my new blog!!! I don't want my fan club to grow so fast, I only got one me!!! LOL

Thanks for welcoming me, you and joyce, such sweet beautiful girls...I be beautiful too now, yah? yah? because birds of the same feather are the same birds!! bwahhaha. You get well! I need you to teach me this bloggy stuff...take care!

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