Friday, December 29, 2006

ello ello :)

HERE I AM!!! :}

I haven't been ignoring you all!

The wedding went well and was beautiful!!

Mike is still wonderful!

We have moved into our new house :)

New house is awesome

Telecom suxs

Have had heaps of trouble trying to get out phone on and then they told my internet provider that we had switched our broadband to them, we hadn't so now STILL waiting to get that connected, at the moment I am using Mike's dial up.......... man I could never go back to dial up it is SO SLOW and EVERYTHING takes so long to load!!

As soon as we are up again I will put up photos :)

Kristin if you are reading this I did stitch a long with you last week and will again this week :) I even have photos but I am not gonna even try to post or send them using this!! LOL

*HUGS* to everyone!! I have missed you all! Can't wait to catch up again!!


1 comment:

sugardoll said...

Hi Andrea me dearie! Glad everything is going great with you, except for the internet connection. but that should be easy to fix! Congrats again, Happy to know your dream came true, finally!


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