Friday, January 19, 2007

Broadband is back

again :) yay!

There was a problem with my modem so they sent me a new one :)

Have a few stitching updates and I will put up photos later today, I have gotten quite a bit done on Rose of Sharon, but she is on the scrolls so a bit harder to get a picture, but will try later, I will also put up my Celtic Summer progress (not much) and a little bit of progress on Celtic Noel cause I couldn't stand looking at RoS for a day lol

I am a little sad today. We are hoping to have a baby and I thought that I might be pregnant ..... did a test today and it was negative though. My cycle is irregular so it makes it harder, added to the fact that I don't get morning sickness......... I know we have only just started trying but still sad.....



1 comment:

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Sorry you weren't prego! Hugs and I hope you soon have a little one on the way! Glad you got a modem and are up and going again! Can't wait to see some stitching pics!

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