Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My stash

is being REALLY mean to me!

I want to get a few projects finished but my stash is calling really LOUDLY!!!

I have finished Rose of Sharon and Celtic Noel, but according to my plan I have to have 2 finishes for each new start......... but I am not due for one as I started Nantucket Rose as a memorial piece when Joy died.............

The three that I have kitted up that are really screaming are Lady of the Mist (mirabilia) Dawn Fairy (Passione Riccamo) ane Three for Tea (Mirabilia) so............. should I give into the voices????????? LOL

People that don't stitch will think I am insane.......... hmmmmm maybe I am! LOL



1 comment:

sugardoll said...

Hey girl,

I did not know you have finished the heir, I really like that one merged with the deepest love. Very cool. Love all your finishes and wips!

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