Monday, April 02, 2007

Haven't done much

stitching this week, I have been sick and have felt really off. Not much fun at all, my head felt really fuzzy and achy and my glands were all up. I am better now but not 100% I can't wait to get those darn mermaids done, they are driving me nuts! LOL I think its cause I can't fit them in my frame so well. I just have the hair and the last of the beading then I will be done :)

I am totally in love with the cirque des cercles pattern and I am thinking that that will be the next pattern I purchase, maybe with my pamphlet money :)

A BIG thankyou to Anne who sent me some stitchbows!! You are a real sweetie! I had forgotten too! {{{HUGS}}}

Wade goes up to the North Island tomorrow, to go and visit his dad, so I have the big drive up to Christchurch tomorrow :x Tarissa and Christian are going to the CCC camp the week after easter so mum is going to have Gabrielle for us for a few days so we can have a little time alone, it will be a nice break :)



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sugardoll said...

oh I andie, I hope you feel better soon. Maybe your preggy *giggle*
Take care and feel better soon!


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