Friday, September 21, 2007

Childbirth Thoughts *too much info for some*

Okay........ totally off the subject of stitching.......BUT!!

My 11 year old daughter would like to attend the birth of the new baby, I said that we would find some childbirth videos and she could watch those and see how she felt about it after that........

I am having a bit of trouble finding the videos so I have been looking for some on youtube....... now most of these videos are of american women giving birth and I have to admit.......... I'm appalled!!!! Is it expected in the US that women should give birth lying on their backs?!!! Pushing uphill?!!! Or is it just these few videos?................

And whats with all the cutting?!!!!! How the heck do they think it happened before doctors got involved?

I have had 4 children, as most of you know. The first I had leaning over the back of the bed.... the 2nd was in a deep squat holding on to one of those bars in a bathroom.... you know the ones older or disabled people have to help pull them up, the 3rd was standing/squating again holding onto the side of the bed!! The 4th was an elective c-section for breech presentation. I am hoping this one will be all natural again. I had no cutting and only a small tear that didn't require stitching with the 1st birth.......... I did not have small babies either! 8pounds 7 and a half ounces, 8 pounds 13 and a half ounces, 9 pounds ten ounces and 8 pounds 12 ounces!!

I would love to hear your thoughts and personal experiences and I promise I will be back to stitching discussion next time!!




Syd said...

Andie -

In my experiences, once you get to the hospital you are hooked up to monitors, etc. and not allowed to get out of bed. I remember one time I rolled on to my side and that sent a flurry of nurses scurrying in because some sensor or other came disconnected! I thought that giving birth would be a little like the Lamaze videos we were shown where mothers are allowed to walk around, shower, etc. I had two children at one hospital and thought this was just their policy. My third was born in another hospital and it was the same way. You are fortunate that you can walk around.


sugardoll said...

Hi Andie,

I have only had one so far LOL. But yeah, they hooked this things on your belly to monitor your contraction and baby's heart beat, with my case especially, they had to monitor Connor's heartbeat because i was in labor for a long time, since 4 a.m. and he was not born until 10:51 that night, the contraction had stressed him out, that by the time he was ready his h/b had dropped down very low that the doctor had to suction him out quickly, Also the doctor gave me a 3rd degree episiotomy eventhough Connor was only 6 lbs. 13 oz. but proved to be too big for my size. The episiotomy must have been the worst thing the next day, as i was also hooked up to an IV, it was so hard to get out of bed cuz it feels like its tearing everytime LOL. Also, I have never had one minute where i was able/allowed to walk, at about 8 cm i complained that i had to pee real bad and they used a catheter instead LOL. And i always thought that catheters are only for people who have kidney infections. Ignorant really LOL. In the Phils where my sister had had a baby, they did not use monitors or anything, she said, they put all women in labor in one room (like they are ready for butchering--and no husband's allowed!) Really brutal! LOL They think there that if your hubby are in the room with you, you will get all dramatic and they did not like that. And if you cry and scream or cause commotion, they will say "you are crying now, but when you made were screaming with joy!" hahaha

I think if your 11 y.o. wants to watch you should let her, It will make her appreciate the beauty of life and the baby being born, she will probably even understand womanhood so much better if she experience/see the birthing process. That is what i think because I always like to watch things like this LOL.

You are gearing so close...Can't wait to see that famous baby! =0)

preshrose said...

Andie, I have had 6 children. All in the hospital in the States. Yes, you are mostly lying on your back. I guess because I have never been given any different option I feel like my 6 deliveries were great. One thing I will say...I have also had different dr's at each of the births. Much has to do with hospital policy and dr's policy. I have had 3 female dr's and 3 male dr's. If I have to choose again, I will go with the female dr's (these are not midwives, BTW). The females are more patient with you and work with you. Not just cut to hurry the baby out, like some men. All deliveries with female dr's have been an easier recovery time for me as well.
Why i like dr's and hospital rather than at home?...the truth is, I am a wimp! LOL! I have used drugs to help me deliver my children. Each woman is different.
God Bless you with this new little about to come into our world!

Anonymous said...

I've had 3 children, all in hospitals in the UK. All 3 times I ended up having epidurals, twice because my blood pressure was up and apparently epidural lowers it, and my youngest I had one because he was in distress and needed an emergency caesarean. The upshot of this was that I ended up spending most of my time on my back hooked up to monitors. I think episiotomy is on the way out in the UK though - not once did I get cut (other than the caesarean, obviously! hahaha)and my eldest, Alec, was an 8 pounder, although Louise was only tiny - 5 1/2 lb, but she was 5 weeks prem. The first 2 were quick labours - 6 and 4 hours respectively, so maybe that had something to do with it, I don't know.

Joei said...

I have nothing to say/share yet as we are still in the process of conceiving. But I do wish you a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Can't wait to see your angel.

Heather said...

I've only had one (in the UK), in hospital and once I got settled the heart beat was checked on a monitor, because of my perfectly rounded shape it kept falling off, so the midwife gave up after 5 minutes.

I wasn't lying down, I sat up and had the baby naturally without drugs. That was a comfortable way for me, but perhaps if I had another I may choose a different way of giving birth.

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