Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My baby is a teenager!!

My baby is no longer a baby!!

Wade turned 13 today.......... I am happy and sad, isn't that strange?!! My baby is growing up still a child but on the way to being a man, which was strangely evident in his presents :)

3 days old

13 today! At the end of the winter schools tournament, they played soccer and their team won the tournament!!




sugardoll said...

uh oh!!! Happy Birthday little charmer! What's it feel like to have a teen ager Andie? I'm so not ready! LOL

Have you received the piecemakers i sent you? =)

Little Grey Cat said...

Happy Birthday Wade! Hope you have a great one.

I am so sad!

I am feeling so so so sad and I just need to write about it somewhere. I don't want to put this on facebook.* A few days ago I got th...