Sunday, October 07, 2007

A big move?

Well the possibility of one anyway.......

Mike and I are tossing up the idea of moving to Australia.

There are quite a few positives...

Better work oportunities

Better wages

Better weather

I am keen on Queensland but Mike likes NSW..... I used to live in Queensland and loved it there, the lifestyle is great for kids....

There isn't much on the negative side....

We have family here, but since I moved to the south island, my family pretty much treats me like I moved to mars, except my Mum, whom I would miss terribly. I have extended family here whom I would miss, but I never ended up with any really close relationships with them, nothing like I had with my sisters anyway.

Mike has family here, he is very close to his sisters, but the one he is closest too is considering moving to Australia too, as it is thought the weather will help her husbands health.

We would miss our church, but if this is right then we would go with their blessing and would soon find a new church family.

I would miss my best friend Kirsten, but I am sure we could visit at times :)

If we decided to do this, we would wait til after the baby is born, but I would like to move before the beginning of the school year or else at the beginning of the following year so that the kids could be settled in a school.

The other thing is I don't know how agreeable Craig would be to the kids moving, although at least they could then have a decent holiday or he could fly to see them and have a fun holiday with them.

I am using you guys as a bit of a sounding board... I hope you don't mind....

Once we sold the house and everything we would have about 100k as a deposit for a house.... so that would be awesome.....

I am pretty convinced... I am not sure if Mike is, but we will see :)




Mel said...

I can give you my thoughts.
From what I have heard about house prices from a couple of people here in WA, QLD is the way to go. I am no property expert, this is just what I have heard.
I know it would be hard for your family leaving family and friends but in the end you must do what you feel is right for you and your family. Both NSW and QLD are great states.
Goodluck with your decision.

Gill said...

You know, it's not a long flight from Australia to NZ, so it's not like it's the other side of the planet. :) I love QLD, though I ended up coming back to NSW cos that's where my family are. Sydney house prices are horrendous, which is why we ended up buying right on the outskirts. But as Mel said, both QLD & NSW are great.

wila said...

My oldest son and his family live in Perth. He says there are fantastic opportunities to earn good money there and still with a laid back attitude. The whole state is humming. House prices are high (AUD 400,000 to 700,000 - a lot depends on location) but rents not so bad. It's about 7 hours flight from Auckland though.