Monday, October 29, 2007

CDC update

Here is CDC (for Mike's birthday in January) I am just over 1/3 done. I am a bit worried about getting it done in time, since I can only stitch on it when he is not around, I will wait until December and see how I am going, and concentrate on it a bit more if I need too :)

In personal news.... Elle has been sick ( I hate tummy bugs!!) I have had a sore throat, Tarissa and Christian are home from school today with sore throats.

I am getting hardly any sleep lately, the baby's head keeps pushing into my stomach when I lie down and I get acid burning up my throat, nothing much seems to be helping so if you have any suggestions I would appreciate them! With the others I had indegestion but not this horrible thing. Its making me feel a bit down, especially with everyone being sick as well.

Thanks for reading!




Anonymous said...

I hope everyone feels better soon. That acid reflux is awful - I had the same thing when I was having Peter. I hope you can find some relief! {{hugs}}

Mel said...

CDC is looking great. I hope you and your kids get better soon.

Laural said...

Your CDC is looking amazing!! I hope you can meet your goal.

I hope you and the family start to feel better soon!

Joei said...

It's looking great. It's one of my to-do. Seeing your progress makes me wanna start with it. UUhhhh,very tempting, lol!

Rachael said...

CDC is looking great!!

OhWaily said...

Hey Andie,
If you're still having trouble with reflux, check with your midwife. From memory it's okay to use some of the over-the-counter antacid stuff like Gaviscon.
It doesn't make it go away, just reduces it a bit (for me anyway).
Good luck with it.

Am definitely in love with this pattern. I can't wait to see it finished.

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