Monday, October 08, 2007

Mira BB stitching competition

Well here is Pearlie, just past the halfway marks on the chart. I committed to stitching her to the half way marks, I am going to continue on with her until she is finished :D

I am astounded at how much I have gotten done, mostly just stitching on her at night time!!

I will leave my poll up for a few more weeks :D At the moment it is looking like a new start... I am wondering if it is because one of my new starts will be November's Topaz Fairy? Leave me a note with your thoughts :)




Mel said...

I can't believe how much you have gotten done. At this rate you will have it finished for the comp. She looks stunning. This is another mira that I didn't really like but after seeing yours this is another one I am going to have to add to my to do list. Do you use a stand?
I voted on your poll thing. I voted for a new start and I am hoping you'll start Topaz. I am itching to see her stitched up.

Joei said...

She's really gorgeous. Can't wait to see her in all her glory.

Btw, I voted Finish- July's Amethyst Fairy. I just love her.

Anonymous said...

Pearlie is so pretty. She does'nt look so sparkly on the chart picture so it's great to see her stitched.

I voted for July (she's in the lead now he he) as I'd love to see her finished too.

Laural said...

She's coming along beautifully!

I voted for July too.

sugardoll said...

Wow! Are your needles smokin or what? I am so happy to know you are going to focus on her until she is finish. I am one who can't wait to see her done!

I voted to start NTF. LOL I've only seen her stitched once and I want to see another of her!

Debbie said...

Hello Andie from a stitcher up the road in Ashburton. Love your stitching.

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