Friday, November 02, 2007


October Goals

1 Page of Midnight Boo NO

1 page of Cirque des cercles Yes

UFO RR 20 hours when it arrives Yes

Celtic Autumn Stitchalong with Kristin & Mel on Mondays Yes

Tuesday stitching group - xmas stitching Yes

Work more on Mermaid of the Pearls for Mira BB Comp Yes

Frame Winter Fae and send it off to Jazmyne Yes

So overall pretty good

November's Goals

1/2 page Midnight Boo (trying to be more realistic)

2 pages of CDC (need to get this finished in time for Mike's b'day in Jan)


Celtic Autumn Stitchalong with Kristin & Mel on Mondays

Tuesday stitching group - xmas stitching

Unfortunately I am going to have to put Pearlie aside until I have either CDC finished or 3 xmas pressies finished.... I am going to be more organised next year :D




sugardoll said...

oh noooo, pearlie aside! When she is so close to finishing and so beautiful! I can't help but bow to you, I could never have this much wip/goal going at one time. I know, i know, this craft isn't for the faint of heart LOL. Take care ((hugs))

Mel said...

You did pretty well with your goals.
Hopefully you can pick pearlie back up soon. She is turning out so beautifully.
take care

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

Great job on your goals in October. Good luck in November:)

Laural said...

Good work on your October goals! Good luck with your November goals. I'm sure you'll do great!

chiloe said...

Yes the kiss is only available as a kit. I got it at ebay France for 20 euros which is like 31 australian dollar.(and 37 new zealand dollar) For us, 20 euros is cheap for a lanarte kit.

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