Friday, November 16, 2007

I can't stand looking at myself

everytime I go online lol

So here is an update of Novey :)

Photo is a bit ick as I took it tonight to put on the SAT page (forgot to take one earlier) oops

I didn't set any specific goals... but I would like to get a lot done! LOL

I didn't do what I needed to this week so next week will be full up with Celtic Lady sal and then working on Susan's ufo RR and on Boo (for at least a few days)

Hope you all are well!




Chiloe said...

Great progress !!!! You look good Andie ;)

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty. You're making me want to go and order her (no! I mustn't lol!!!)

Laural said...

Oh wow! Great progess!!

Joei said...

Uh, she's going to be very pretty.

You look great too Andie. Please pass on to me your pregnancy luck so I'll be next, lol!! Hope you'll have safe delivery and a healthy baby.

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