Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Updates :)

Here is Novey after the SAT

And also Celtic Autumn :)

This photo is for week 11 & 12 as I neglected to take a photo for week 11!! As you can see I have finished all the emblems so now just have the huge dress to work on and then the beading :D

Now I am going to finish off what I want to get done on the RR then I will have another photo to share :)

Then I will be putting some time in on Boo :)




Laural said...

Great progress with both!

Anonymous said...

Both look beautiful Andie. I love Novey and of course I have to love CA too seeing as I'm stitching her too.

sugardoll said...

beautiful WIPS girl, keep it up. Novy is really gorgeous in your fabbie choice too!

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