Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby Post

My sister has a new camera so has taken a few baby shots :) I really like this one :)

And here is another, very proud Daddy shot although you can't really see Bethany, but check out that grin! :)

I really like this one too :)

I haven't touched my stitching since my sister and then Bethany arrived :) Meg and her family head back to the North Island on Monday so I will get myself back into a routine then. It has been great having them here and Megan came to the birth which was awesome! Unfortunately I put out my neck and so have been rather grumpy and boring, between that, lack of sleep (although Bethany is wonderful and sleeps really well) and being sore from breastfeeding I haven't been up to doing much and I am not too sure that I was the best of company!!

I do have one stitching update from a Celtic Autumn session, but I will take a photo and post it when I am re-organized again.

I hope everyone has had an awesome Christmas, however you celebrated it :)




Mel said...

Bethany is beautiful. Her daddy sure does have a proud smile on his face.
Thanks for the pics, she is so adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photo's Andie. Bethany is beautiful! Daddy looks so proud :o)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a beautiful baby girl! She looks gorgeous, and Daddy suitably proud and happy :) All the best for 2008, Andie, hope it brings peace, joy, love and happiness :D {{hugs}}

Juls said...

Congratulations!!!!!! Bethany is just beautiful!!!! Enjoy this wonderful time !!!!!

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