Monday, January 14, 2008

Okay....... goals for the next few months :)

Since I have joined up at the L&L board for their contest I thought I better sort out a rotation of sorts for the next few months :)

I am committed to:

30 hours on Angel of the Sea.

To start and finish Isabellas Garden (need to get this done by March anyway) hope they don't take too long releasing it!

Celtic SAL on Mondays

Fairy Moon SAL on Wednesdays

Midnight Boo...

So then:

Monday - Celtic Autumn
Tuesday - Midnight Boo
Wednesday - Fairy Moon
Thursday - Isabella's Garden (Novey until it arrives)
Friday - Isabella's Garden (Novey until it arrives)
Saturday - Angel of the Sea
Sunday - Angel of the Sea (When Isabella's Garden arrives - change to Novey)




Chiloe said...

I think Isabella is going to be released in febuary. Can't wait either !!! :-))

Mel said...

Good luck with you goals. I can't wait to start stitching on Fairy Moon now

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