Friday, January 11, 2008

Pictures :)

I received a lovely present from Kristin a few weeks ago!

Talk about spoilt!! Thank you so much Kristin for the lovely gifts!

A little while ago Mel sent a gift for Bethany, so here she is wearing one of them, as you can see she doesn't like to stay still much :)

In stitchingnews I have been working on Novey this week when I'm not too tired and I get a chance :)

Mel and I are starting another sal on Wednesdays on Fairy Moon :D




Mel said...

awww, Bethany looks adorable.
Thats such a nice present from Kristen. What is that pattern? I can't quite tell. I think I need glasses. I love the fabby colours. I am really looking forward to our SAL. I cannot wait to finish FM and start her again for me.

Chiloe said...

What beautiful gifts !!! YOur baby is sooooooooo cute !!! Enjoy your fabbies ;-)

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