Wednesday, January 09, 2008

There is a contest

soon to be starting over at the Lavender and Lace Board, you can choose a wip or a new start to work on...... oooo I might have to change my goals :) Not that I ever win anything LOL but its fun to join in..... I am thinking maybe Angel of the Sea since I love it so much..... my other options are The Teacher or Nantucket Rose..... I am not too happy with my fabby choice for Nantucket though so will probably restart that :)



1 comment:

sugardoll said...

Do you think I will win if i join? hehehe. I won't be stitching anything from here on...I'm too busy thinking about shopping LOL. I leave on tuesday morning. Would you please email me your address again. =^-^=

I declare

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