Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Here is Miss Bethany again :)

She is so lovely and such a good baby! She sleeps from 8/9pm until 6am!!

She is just so happy all the time! Is really nosy and during the daytime wants to be part of the action and see what everyone else is doing (and not sleep lol)

I have just finished my last round on the UFO RR I will post pictures a bit later when Gill has seen it. I will be posting it home to Gill tomorrow. I really want mine home lol




Lets try again said...

Bethany looks so cute. She's growing up so fast!

Gill said...

Bethany is a cutie!

I can't wait to see my RR - thanks so much for stitching on it!

Leslie aka zoeandcooper said...

She is so adorable and sounds a lot like Nathaniel. He loves being around people and refuses to nap unless he others are near by. Fortunately he does okay at night:)

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