Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SAT Progress

For our monthly SAT I decided to stitch on something that was also part of my entry for the L&L BB competition :)

Angel of the Sea :)

19th Feb 08

This morning I intend to work on Isabella's Garden some more as it needs to be done by the middle of March for Elles birthday so I need to take advantage of kindy time, then in the afternoon I am going to work on Gill's RR, I got this round 3 weeks late so need to ask Gill if its okay to keep it a week or 2 past the posting date, it will be going home, so hopefully its okay :)

Hopefully more stitching photos tomorrow :)

Here is Bethany, dressed up for church

8 weeks and 5 days :)

Bethany 8 weeks 5 days


8 weeks 5 days




Chiloe said...

It's such a joy to see Bethany pictures !! :D Nice progress too !!

Anonymous said...

No worries Andie, I don't mind you hanging on to my RR another week or two.

Bethany looks very cute in her little outfit! =D

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Bethany is just so darned adorable! Your stitching is lovely too

Lets try again said...

Angel of the Sea is looking great.
Bethany look adorable in her outfit

sugardoll said...

Such a cutie!!! Did she behave while hearing the mass? Sometimes they get really uncomfortable just sitting there for hours.

Love seeing your angel wip again.

Kristin Stitches said...

Bethany is such a cutie!! I love your Angel of the Sea, makes my fingers itch to start a new project!!!

Megumi said...

Awww...your daughter looks so cute. :)

Angel of the Sea is a gorgeous design. :)

Deanne J said...

She is adorable

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